Thursday, 7 September 2017

...of Love

the day (or night)

is green
she plays upon a blue guitar

she does not play things as they are
hearing in the air messages un
emitted unadmitted mean

inventing your desire with La belle si tu voulais (bis)
Nous dormirions ensemble o-la (bis)

and answering it unspoken with

No vale la pena el llanto or l’amor รจ un
atalena or love is just a four-letter word and
more: love is a bore, a soap op
era a telephone that doesn’t ring

in many languages from Lucan to Lacan
she fills the air as well with
syntagmatic silence - from Phaedrus to Freud
Homer to Husserl and Locke to the Li Ki
effortlessly displacing notions with a diachronic chord.

[Thru, Brooke-Rose, C.]

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